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an overview of the vampower story

Although Vampower began round the years 68-69 , the origins of Vampower actually started
with an amp maker named Dave Roffey who first designed the Triumph (Johnson) 100w valve head.
Frank Taylor of Lewisham South Eastern Entertainments became interested in the head and asked Dave Roffey to make some up for his new amp company. The company was first named Vamp, then a few months later became Vampower.
Marc Bolan became involved because S.E Entertainments was his local shop. He was supplied with Vampower gear and Marc’s fame was of course linked with the early success of Vampower.
The Vampower models were- MK1a 100 watt Multi-Amp (with partridge transformers), Mk1b ( c core transformers), 100w pa head, 200 watt bass head, then the Mk3’s - known as the Audio Pack and then the Mk3 Jak Pak range.
They also made various speaker combinations which you can see in the catalogue listed on this website. Smaller vamps were the Vamp 15 watt EL 84 model and some rare 100 w combo models.
Dave Roffey left Vampower in mid 1973 and the company folded not long after round late 73. His interview is a fascinating insight into a legendary British amp company. Like so many of the glam bands at the time - Vampower briefly shone brightly - then disappeared.


marc bolan with vamp amp

photograph © Gary Clarke used by kind permission www.redferns.com

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